Virtual Marketing Education and Roundtable Discussion Events for Association Marketing Professionals

Our free Zoom events are designed to help you to improve the effectiveness of your association marketing efforts by introducing techniques and strategies that you may not have considered. In addition, there is the opportunity for you to join roundtable discussions with your peers. 

Connect with the people behind the most successful associations. You will have an opportunity learn from their experiences. In this environment, you will be able to share your ideas and gain valuable feedback from people who have been through this before.    See past event videos.


Typical Meeting Agenda - One Hour Session

  • Introductions
  • Marketing Training Session or Guest Speaker
  • Industry News / Upcoming Events / Marketing News / Highlights
  • Roundtable Session - Individual Topics Are Discussed

Tuesday November 16 -   9 AM EST.   
Education Topic:  How to evaluate your association social media campaign(s)

  • Social media analytics 
  • Google Analytics
  • Other tools





"Thank you!  My mind was blown with all of the cool stuff you can do with IG stories.  I'm looking forward to the next one."

"I really enjoyed today‚Äôs presentation and discussion!  Awesome learning opportunity. Wish Haley was working for me. "




Upcoming Marketing Topics

Upcoming Topics

  • Landing Pages, A/B Testing w/ Google Ads & Google Analytics
  • Website Conversion, the roll of CTA & PCO, (NRO/LRO/DBO)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing (PASOP approach to email marketing / List segmentation / Lead Nurturing Campaigns)
  • 2021 Marketing Plan Creation and Goal Setting (SMART)
  • Social Media Planning - AirTable
  • Marketing Automation Platforms (HubSpot vs SharpSpring)
  • Marketing Calendars
  • The must have WordPress Plugins & how to use them!