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Advancing Clinical Research

The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) is a non-profit, charitable and educational membership organization committed to providing education, certification, and networking opportunities to all persons involved in clinical research activities. SOCRA, the premier educational organization for oncology site coordinators, has now emerged as a leading educational organization for clinical researchers in all therapeutic areas, supporting industry, government and academia.


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An Association Focused on Smaller Tax and Accounting Practices

PSTAP's mission is to elevate and maintain among its members a high standard of proficiency and integrity; to promote and protect the interests of public accountants within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; to cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among its members; to promote local associations of public accountants and establish goodwill and understanding between the general public and the public accounting profession throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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Making Hepatitis B History


The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life for those affected by hepatitis B worldwide. Our commitment includes funding focused research, promoting disease awareness, supporting immunization and treatment initiatives, and serving as the primary source of information for patients and their families, the medical and scientific community, and the general public.


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Serving Women & Their Daughters in the Developing World

The mission of Ama Chhori Foundation of Hope is to provide women and girls educational opportunities that promote empowerment, independence and a sustainable economic decision-making process.

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Bucks Bar Portfolio

Serving our members, promoting justice, and enhancing the legal profession.

The Bucks County Bar Association (BCBA) is one of the oldest and most active Bar Associations in the United States. They are dedicated to providing their members, potential members, and all persons and organizations connected with the legal industry, support and fellowship for the advancement of the profession.

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An Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine

Veterinary Laboratory Association┬« (VLA) is an organization for persons interested in the field of veterinary laboratory medicine. This association was formed for the purpose of providing consistency throughout veterinary diagnostic laboratories, which ultimately improves animal welfare. The association does not limit membership to any geographical area nor denote that this association is specific for any type of laboratory; commercial, federal, state, university, or other private ownership.


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