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No matter the focus of your business, association, or nonprofit, email marketing has the power to help build your brand and expand your reach. When used in conjunction with specifically targeted digital marketing tactics, email marketing is an effective method for nurturing leads, and generating opportunities. Discover the advantages of a digital marketing partner with decades of experience helping organizations like yours to reach highly specific niche audiences.

Benefits of Email Marketing for businesses

If you seek to grow your business or organization, the following are a few ways that email marketing can provide value:

  • Enhance brand recognition – A consistent delivery of strategically-sound emails straight to your target users’ inboxes increases awareness of your organization and its mission.
  • Build credibility – Tailored content featuring information your audience wants, validates your organization and increases trustworthiness.
  • Cost-effective – Connecting directly with your target audience via email costs far less than traditional methods, such as direct mail.
  • Acquire new leads and opportunities – Staying in touch with your audience using thought-provoking and engaging content naturally draws leads and opportunities to your virtual door.
  • Track performance and respond – Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of email marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, track, test  and pivot the strategy as needed.

How we Help Associations Achieve Success with Email Marketing

Well-managed lists

When it comes to email marketing, one of the keys to successful outcomes is managing email lists well. A slew of irrelevant and out-of-date addresses, especially those that belong to uninterested parties, are detrimental to a campaign. We use advanced tools and technologies to build organic email lists of users most interested in your organization’s mission. We welcome and engage new subscribers, and employ list hygiene tools to ensure that records are free of duplication, errors, and old contacts.

Compelling messaging
From the subject line to email body copy and calls-to-action, subscribers must feel compelled by the information they see. We’ll use our association marketing expertise to match your targeted subscriber list with ultra-targeted email content geared to inform, engage, and elicit action.

Personalization and segmentation
A successful email campaign for associations does not take a universal approach. Rather, tailored campaigns that personalize email messages to recipients and distribute content to segmented lists help trigger higher open and click-through-rates (CTR), and ultimately, a more significant impact on your goals. We use critical data points to determine the best segmentation strategy to advance your organization’s mission.


A/B testing and success measurement
The art and science of email marketing collide when we leverage advanced A/B testing methods to determine the best campaign execution strategy for your objectives. Also known as split testing, email marketing A/B testing is just one of our data-driven capabilities that inform our digital marketing decisions and help measure – and drive – success.

Continuous improvement 
Through expertly implemented Google Analytics tagging, we keep a steady pulse on the effectiveness of our campaigns to help drive continuous improvement. Through reports and data, you’ll always have access to your email marketing campaign insights and how they’re contributing to the advancement of your mission.

10 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

  1. Nurture and guide your members with email workflows.
  2. Showcase your specialized association knowledge and expertise
  3. Share how your association or nonprofit benefits the greater good
  4. Call attention to your benefits and experience
  5. Integrate your emails with your entire marketing technology ecosystem, including CRMs
  6. Show your commitment to professionalism
  7. Emails are flexible and adaptable and can easily be changed to evolve with changing priorities
  8. Full-service digital marketing capabilities for cohesiveness
  9. Use automation to nurture prospective members by dripping emails to them over time
  10. Use automation to trigger different workflows depending on how members interact with your emails.

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Email Marketing for Associations FAQ

Is email marketing effective for associations and nonprofits?
Yes. When strategically executed, email marketing campaigns can cost-effectively enhance your brand and organizational mission, build credibility, drive leads, and track success.

How much does email marketing for associations cost?
Email marketing is often one part of a strategic mix of digital marketing tactics aimed to achieve your specific objectives. It is a cost-effective method of connecting with a highly targeted scientific audience. When you choose to engage our digital marketing agency for associations, we’ll provide a detailed proposal containing email marketing costs for your goals.

Do you have email marketing experience in my industry?
Yes. We’ve helped many organizations elevate their digital marketing strategy using email marketing. Our specialized understanding of the unique marketing considerations in this arena sets us apart from our competition.


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