Paid Media Management

Benefits of Paid Media for Associations

Paid media seamlessly integrates into digital marketing campaigns to boost traffic and qualified leads. It can be especially useful to help promote:
  • Events
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Opportunities for members

Conversion-oriented technology – Paid media plans have a cutting-edge technology component that helps improve conversion rates. By using advanced coding techniques to track website visitor behavior, we can serve up ads and content that best match their interests. When you’re in the right place at the right time, visitors are more likely to click through to your website and complete the desired action (join your association, register for an event, etc.)

Flexibility and adaptability – The inherent flexibility of a well-managed paid media campaign allows you to adapt your plans and strategies to meet your ever-evolving needs and objectives. There’s no such thing as set in stone – we’re agile enough to shift along with you.

Target those people with similar interests – Some social media platforms allow for targeting the specific interests of users, so you can reach those people with the same interests that your association serves. Those people are more likely to convert on your promoted posts.

Data-driven insights – Rather than absentmindedly throwing a dart to see what sticks, paid media plans are informed by data. A/B testing can be used to achieve optimal performance.

Paid Media Services

Not every paid media platform is right for associations and nonprofits. Our Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency has honed our offerings to include only those that make sense for you.

Google Ads Management

How it works: Our Google Ads management services start with assessing high-intent keywords that will drive just the right kind of traffic to your digital properties. Our goal is to secure clicks from users who are most likely to convert into a member, or complete another goal that will advance your mission. Our certified paid media specialists apply their advanced knowledge and tools to develop successful campaigns that maximize your investment and meet your goals.


  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ad creative
  • Landing page design and development
  • Monthly reporting


What it is: Also known as retargeting, remarketing is a dynamic paid media strategy that uses digital intelligence to serve sponsored ads and content to users based on previous online behavior that suggests an interest in your offerings. You can think of remarketing as a reminder and an invitation to complete the conversion process, whether that’s joining the association, attending an education event, or something else that you want them to do.

How it works: As these users visit your website, they’ll receive a cookie that allows us to track their usage on other sites. Our paid media efforts will show them targeted ads that redirect them back to your site. Our remarketing services include A/B testing to monitor and optimize campaigns for peak performance.


  • Target audience discovery
  • Ad creative
  • Monthly reporting


LinkedIn Sponsored Content

What it is: Through the LinkedIn Ads program, sponsored content appears on follower and member homepage feeds on both desktop and mobile devices. This paid media platform includes a single image, carousel image, or video ads to help generate interest in your organization. As with many paid media strategies, LinkedIn Sponsored Content allows you to specifically define audience criteria to ensure your message is only extended to your ideal targets within the association community.

How it works: LinkedIn uses an algorithm to display ads based on ad competitiveness and bid and budget values. We work to maximize your investment with LinkedIn Sponsored Content by defining your target audience, setting bids and budget, and managing the campaign to ensure optimal performance.


  • Target audience discovery
  • Ad creative
  • Monthly reporting


Paid Content Syndication

What it is: Content syndication networks allow you to publish digital content from your blog, website, or social media channels on other websites. The content could be an article, infographic, or video, and comes across to users as “sponsored” or “previously published” content. This paid media strategy helps expand your brand exposure and reach to help generate more clicks, visits, and leads.

How it works: We use advanced tools and our deep well of industry connections to tap into association networks that make the most sense for your organization and mission. Paid syndication uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model where we’ll set a capped budget, cost-per-click, and define the right target audience. Once the campaign is running, our digital marketing agency will continue to monitor its performance and provide monthly reporting.


  • Syndication networks
  • Monthly reporting


Phases of Paid Media

Phase 1: Strategy and planning – We use data to inform our recommended strategy during this planning phase, which will include goal setting, keyword research, competitive analysis, and user targeting.

Phase 2: Management and monitoring – Our digital marketing agency uses sophisticated tools and specialized expertise to monitor campaign performance and pivot as needed to stay on track.

Phase 3: Reporting and analysis – Receive a monthly report that outlines critical performance markers and our analysis for making the most of your investment.

Paid Media