Social Media

Social media is not merely a channel for users to communicate with each other; it’s a resource that individuals and professionals use to gather news and information. 

It takes specialized knowledge to successfully implement campaigns that align precisely with your organizational goals. We have the digital platform expertise to be your social media partner.

How we Use Social Media for Associations & Nonprofits


If you’re not yet leveraging social media for your organization, there’s a wealth of untapped potential at your fingertips. With our help, you can maximize the impact of this digital marketing tactic to:

  • Build and enhance your brand visibility
  • Communicate your organization’s values and mission
  • Share thought leadership and opinions that educate and engage others
  • Establish and nurture relationships with board members, members, collaborators, and prospective members
  • Contribute an article to a publication, attend seminars, or receive invitations to give a talk
  • Host or participate in online presentations or conference sessions
  • Collect survey data and share findings with the public or specialized groups


Social Media Capabilities

Strategy development
Before considering platforms or content, we’ll take a deep dive into the social media landscape of your field. We’ll identify key brand building and engagement opportunities that align with your unique mission and outline how we’ll track and measure success. 

Platform set up
As determined by your strategy, we’ll set up the social media platforms that make the most sense for your organization. Whether on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, we’ll ensure your online brand is consistent and your profiles are thorough.

Content creation
Strategically crafted content will set your campaign into motion, generating new avenues to further your mission. With incredibly high standards for creative and technical deliverables, your association or nonprofit will begin to establish a strong presence in the related social media space.

Management and engagement
Our social media experts will manage every aspect of your campaign. From scheduling posts at the most opportune times to expanding reach and engagement with your association audience through boosted posts and other forms of social media advertising.

Monitoring and measurement
We’ll monitor and measure the impact of our social media efforts to help direct future decision-making. You’ll receive comprehensive reports that demonstrate progress toward achieving your goals.

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Benefits of our Social Media Services

Mission-based strategies – When implementing social media for your association, your mission is the guiding light for strategic and creative development.

Proven success – With deep roots in digital, we know what it takes to produce social media campaigns that reach and engage even the most hard-to-reach niche audiences.

Data-driven philosophy – An in-depth analysis of audience, platform, and performance data will serve as the critical driver for all social media decisions.

We share a passion for advancing organizations that enhance our lives. With over two decades of experience, a well-honed digital marketing skillset, and a business-centered perspective, we are uniquely qualified to help your organization achieve success. Give us a call. Let’s start leveraging the power of social media to advance your mission.